Spices may travel a long road and they add so much to life

When we met Grace the other night to go to the gospel concert she brought along the package that she had ‘muled’ over for us. 


Last March, Grace met the ‘traveling daughter’, Annalisa, as she was passing through on her way to Asia.  Grace and Annalisa have kept in touch and discovered that they were both in the Washington DC area at the same time.  They met up and Grace picked up the great package to bring  back to Italy to us.   So what did Annalisa send us????   Well, spices to make better Asian food.




library in cast di lago 005


We were so excited to get it all.  While we can get coconut milk here, it is expensive and many times recipes do not call for a whole can.  So the envelopes of powdered coconut milk are just perfect.  I can make just as much as I need.  We have already tried the Holy Basil Seasoning Paste.  Whee hoo, hot stuff, but very good and tasty.  Fortunately it did not bother either one of us.  So I copied the package and have already harassed our small Asian market in Arezzo to order it. 


It is really easy to use.  It is a paste that is warmed with a little oil in a pan, to ‘bloom’ the flavor, then throw in some finely chopped meat, I used chicken, cook the meat and serve over rice.


And that brings us to the rice…


library in cast di lago 006


This Jasmine, Brown Rice was brought to us last summer by our guests, Anne and Andy Maverick from Louisiana.  Oh, what a good rice this is.  It is nutty, sweet, cooks quickly and tastes like it has been cooked in coconut milk.  I am reserving it for use with Thai dishes only.  And when we come back to visit next year there will be space in my suitcase for at least 2 bags.  Such a good product.  I have not looked at the web site but here it is if you are interested.  www.cajungrainrice.com


So with spices that have gone from Asia to America then to Italy and rice from America to Italy I put together a very tasty meal. 


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