Ohhhhhh, a library!

library in cast di lago 004


library in cast di lago 003


library in cast di lago 002


library in cast di lago 001



Just look, shelves of books.  In English!  A beautiful, light, bright place with parking.  Easy to get to, and really not too far away (about a one hour drive).  Oh, it is so wonderful, that it made my heart sing. 


There exists, a picture of me that was taken when I was 5 years old.  It appeared in a local newspaper along with the article about the opening of the branch of the public library in my hometown.   When I became old enough I rode my bike to that library.  And then later, I  drove to it.  I was probably in that library 4 or 5 times a month.  So I guess this was like a little ‘home coming’.   I think that I can deal with winter much better now.  I have books.  A stack of books.  Enough to get me through until mid-January or so and then we will go back for more.  (I have spared telling you about the library in Cameron Village in Raleigh or the one in Vienna, VA or the one in Oxford, NC.  All of which I have library cards from and visit regularly online.) 


I have known that this library was here for years but did not really know exactly where it was.  Many times when things are in small Italian towns, there are traffic restrictions that prevent driving up to them.  That makes it harder for Ben to get to them too.  But a few weeks ago when we went to see the James Bond movie, I finally figured out where the library was.  So we came back during the day.  


All the books have been donated.  All the work done in the library is done by volunteers.  (If I lived closer I would volunteer)  There is a wonderful newsletter that is put out by one of the volunteers about library news and many, many other happenings in the area.  (if you send me an email I will forward a copy to you and then you can ask to be included if you want)


In this season of giving, there was not  a better present for me than finding this library. 


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