Nancy Drew and The Mystery of the Big White Box

Guest post by: Nerone the dog


Every week, She Who Must Be Obeyed and my Ben go off for a few hours.  Then they come back and She hauls bags and bags of stuff in.  And fusses at me, ‘that I’m in the way!’  Don’t She know I’m just worrin about all this smelly stuff she has done drug in here.  Finally She gets it all in and out and sorted.  And then starts the real fun. 


dull lunch, jan 2013 006


Somehow, She’s got to git all of this into this little white box.


dull lunch, jan 2013 014


She says ‘it’s bitty.  Compared to the ones she had in America’  And it is small.  She is taller than it.  And She keeps the other white box, the noisy one, on top of it.



I usually git out of the way but  this week I watched her real good.


dull lunch, jan 2013 004


This is what it looked like before She started shoe horning all that food in.


dull lunch, jan 2013 007


And this is what it looked like when She got finished.  She’s always real proud of herself for getting everything in it.  But you know she cheats.  Sometimes she puts those big old vegetables outside in the staircase  where it is cold.  She says that’s okay for them.  And all the oranges live out there too. 


dull lunch, jan 2013 005 


She says that in the states this door would have shelves  to hold all the condy mints. 


dull lunch, jan 2013 011


I don’t know what condy mints are but she keeps them down here.  Now see, this is where I can find things.  If She would just switch this around, move that ham and all that down here where I could reach it…. things would be so much better. 




dull lunch, jan 2013 013


Thank goodness that my boxes of bones live in the room that Ben sits in.  He keeps them where I can get at’im and then he opens them up for me.  He’s so good to me. 


Oh well, I’ll never figure out what alls in the big white box. Too many smells for me to tell.  But as long as my bones are safe…


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