Hip, hip hurray! It’s the end of January

And so far no snow!  And a fairly mild winter.  Only a few nights below freezing.  I use the early morning dog walk ice scale to judge this.  Nerone and I walk every morning.  There is standing water in a lot of places. The scale is whether I see ice in the puddles or not.   Maybe 3 times so far.  We have had a few really nice sunny all day long days but those have been few and too far in between.  But so far it has not been a bad winter.  Lots of rain, but days with highs in the low 60s, but the majority in the 40s.  (I write about the weather because this was the one thing that I could not find enough info on before moving here to Italy)  (On the other hand, would it have made a difference if I had found more info?  Don’t think so..)


Of course, I could have or possibly did write just about this same summary of January weather last year.  And then February and waist high snow came….   I do not wait for that.  Hopefully, now that we are in the valley if it does snow it won’t be as bad here as it was for us last year on top of the mountain. 


So I am counting the bags of pellets that I have left for heating, looking at my bulbs that are popping up and hoping that February flies by just fast.


valentine 2013 pics 029


Seen in Monte San Savino on 1/26/2013  It has been mild there too.


valentine 2013 pics 030


Moon rise on a clear afternoon in January.


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