Roof Repair or why we rent instead of owning

For most of the month of January, weather permitting Costantino and a helper have been working on the roof next to the chapel that is on the property that we rent. 



valentine 2013 pics 010


This is the view from our bedroom window. 


valentine 2013 pics 011


They replaced the wood underneath and relaid 8 or 10 courses of tiles the whole length of the building.  When we were walking past Nerone was always very confused.  He could hear his friend Costantino,  but couldn’t see him.  It was just so confusing.


Late in January, the lift came.  It is a mobile platform with crab like legs and folding arms that can extend up to the roof.  The slope and the height of these roofs make it hard to walk on them or climb up to them.   (Scroll back up and look at the picture of the chapel roof.  It is easily 30 to 40 feet off the ground.)  First they fixed tiles on the chapel.  Then I think on the main house and finally they got to us.  It was here all day.


valentine 2013 pics 001


See the edge of the platform outside our second story kitchen window?


valentine 2013 pics 002


What were they fixing?


valentine 2013 pics 006


We had one lose tile that was allowing it to rain in our pantry.  That’s why our pantry has been wearing a shower curtain.  (It was serious!  My Cheetoes almost got wet!)


valentine 2013 pics 004


All done.  The machine is off home now.


valentine 2013 pics 009


It must be very local since it is transported by tractor (not a truck).  Thank goodness we were not behind it on our two lane road.    And thank goodness that it has stopped raining in the pantry.  And thank goodness we didn’t have to pay for this.  And that is why we rent.  It is just so much easier to let Costantino handle repairs and let Roberto and Marcie pay for them. 


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