Gifts from the chickens

The other day, Lecca (Costatino’s lovely wife) knocked at our door to give me…


valentine 2013 pics 020


a gift from my chicken friends.  They have started laying.  6 small to medium size, very fresh eggs.


valentine 2013 pics 021


We had them 3 ways for lunch.


Ben had


valentine 2013 pics 026


3 fried over easy on top of two slices of ham.


I had


valentine 2013 pics 028


A sort of frittata using 2 of them and a left over pasta dish.  And Nerone had 1 scrambled (with some left over egg whites mixed in).   He was very confused about how the eggs came from the chickens and what exactly was going on.  But he enjoyed his scrambled eggs and seems to have a new found respect for his feathered friends.


valentine 2013 pics 023


valentine 2013 pics 024


Thanks ladies!



  1. sherrie&franco

    Love fresh eggs..sometimes we are gifted with fresh eggs from our chicken friends across the baking with them

  2. michael

    Are you trying to throw in some “trick” photos? I counted SEVEN eggs in that basket. When you have a free moment Martha, please email me a recipe with cooking instructions/hints on how to make an Italian frittata. Thanks much!

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