Happy Lunar New Year

I hope you celebrated responsibly yesterday!  We did.  Actually we started a few days before and just made a weekend of it. 


First, at the beginning of last week we received this great Lunar New Years’ card from my friend Roberta.


lunar new year 2013 034


I thought it looked good with the orchids.  And orchids always remind me of Hong Kong.  In the street markets there you can buy sprays of orchids for so little money and they just last forever.  Certainly a good way to brighten up a hotel room or a living room in Italy.


lunar new year 2013 035


It is a very pretty and eye catching card.  And instead of just signing her name, Roberta wrote a note which is always nice.  And…



lunar new year 2013 036


The back of the card had this great translation.   


So the stage was set for us when on Friday, we took our Canadian friend Dinah to Arezzo to pick up her rental car.  She generously offered to buy us lunch at Dream Wok Sushi in Arezzo.  Fit right in with Lunar New Year. 


lunar new year 2013 028


Dinah and Ben


lunar new year 2013 029


How could Ben not love it?  There was ‘bait’ parading right by him on the conveyor belt. 


lunar new year 2013 031


I went for the cooked things.  This was just one of my plates of 2 different types of noodles, ‘fake shrimp’ (made from surniami) and tasty little wings.



Then there was fruit.


lunar new year 2013 032


The white are lychees, and the yellow might be also.  The red might be a type of plum.



It was all good.  Now just let me qualify.  It is good when you consider that it is Asian food in Italy.  If we were not here all the time I would not write that.  I can actually make better my self but it is just nice to go out, have a variety of dishes to choose from and none of them are Italian.  That is the one bad thing about living here.  Think of every type of Italian restaurant that you know.  And then think what would it be like if those were the only places that you could go out to eat at forever!!!! 


For our actual Lunar New Year dinner on Sunday night at home, we had hot and sour soup and egg rolls and Chinese beer.  Tonight we are finishing the hot and sour soup (I make it and it is really good) and Dan-Dan chicken (cooked sliced chicken breast with a peanut sauce) along with rice and some vegetables.  I really do try to honor Ben’s Asian heritage too. 


No fireworks but Happy New Year!


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