Ohhh, I believe there’s snow in dem der hills

lunar new year 2013 004



lunar new year 2013 006


Yep, it sure is.  Fortunately it was in the hills and not down here in the valley.  Looks like it was a good bit too.  Trust me, I did not drive up there to see it.  (Small aside:  Ben found a show for us to watch.  The Polar Bear Family and Me.  From the title I thought it was going to be a cutesy, cartoon type.  Had no idea it was a serious, multi-part documentary.  I watched about 3 minutes of it before I figured out what it truly was (from the BBC no less) and then turned to Ben and said:  “Do you even know me?  Do you honestly think I am going to want to watch hours of footage shot near the polar ice cap in which there is snow in every scene or some idiotic man dressed in so many layers of clothes that he can’t move and he has ice on his mustache? Please find something set in the Caribbean!”)


Any way it did actually snow here for about 2 hours on Monday, February 11 before it turned to rain.  But the next day was sunny and up in to the high 40s.  And I am so glad that I don’t live in New York or that Ben wants to study a polar bear family.    But Nerone and I have still not opened our Polar Bear Beer. 


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