Ohhh, that’s a whole mess of okra

Hmmm, we made a visit to the Asian store in Arezzo on just the right day.  The okra had just come in.  It was small and tender and fresh.  I bought four 1 Euro bags.  About 2 lbs.  And then we went to Esselunga and finally they had the proper kind of sweet potatoes!  Really!  What is wrong with these folks.  Making me wait for sweet potatoes.  So I bought 2 packages of them.



missy with chicks 005



missy with chicks 007


I cut all the okra up and lightly sautéed it.  I froze half of it and used the other half for Friday’s lobster jambalaya.  Yes, Ben is observing Lent by eating fish on Fridays.  I eat very little fish.  So somehow this sacrifice that he is making involves me either cooking something I will eat  (Oysters, shrimp, lobster, calamari, tuna or flounder) (I don’t go for the high dollar items, no, no, no)  or me cooking two meals, salmon for him and something else for me.  Every year I struggle to understand this concept of his sacrifice.  This year I am thinking he might go vegetarian on Fridays instead.


No picture of the lobster jambalaya.  And please don’t ask for a recipe.   I just channel my friends, Josie Loeb (born and raised in New Orleans and still sounds like it) and Lucia (born nearby) and Maria (Ben’s daughter who lives there now) and Annalisa (Ben’s daughter who is queen of chili peppers)  (Moment of truth, actually, I only think of all the things that Annalisa would add and then don’t add them.  One day she will understand that stomachs finally say no more, please no more chili peppers)  The lobster jambalaya was good but a shrimp one is better.  So that is probably what I will use the rest of the okra for in a few weeks.


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  1. if you need a little okra inspiration, maybe you’ll like Vinny’s recipe? http://cookupastory.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/little-annie-okra/

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