Ben suffers so

Yes, he does.  It is the last of the French Toast made with panettone, a sweet cake only made at the Christmas season.  It is a cross between a pound and a sponge cake.  My friend, fellow blogger and fellow Louisvillian, Barb Skinner turned us on to this treat.  (Thanks Barb)  The cake is baked in a mold.  And is huge.  And full of preservatives.  So we have this Sunday morning treat three times.   Spread over several weeks.  This was the last of it.


lunar new year 2013 010


lunar new year 2013 011



lunar new year 2013 012


But the best was the fruit.  Blueberries (yes they are from Chile)  and blood oranges.


lunar new year 2013 009


If you ever are visiting Italy in January, February or March, don’t miss the blood oranges.  They are one of the things that if I lived in America I would so miss.  I know they are available in the US it would be how many I could afford.  Here, I get a 4 lb bag of them for less than $2.  And could easily eat 4 or 5 a day.  (not a good thing for my teeth or stomach so I  try to hold it down to 2 a day).  So good!



  1. Mary Adomaitis

    Hi, I so enjoy your blog! It takes me back to the one timeI visitedItaly. I love the old structures that are still standing. We here in the US have a tendency to knock buildings down to make way for new ones. I enjoy your love of food and the way you display it so beautifully. Keep up your enlightening words and photos. Thank you, Mary A Sent from my iPad

  2. Gina

    My husband loves the panettone too, and after the holidays we must scour the stores for whatever ones are left. I have also noted that it seems they are made to last forever with all the preservatives in them!

  3. Anne Maverick

    Well, if you ever get to Louisiana in January or February, you will find blood oranges! It’s citrus season here (starts in November/December). One of the growers at our farmer’s market got wiped out in Isaac, alas, but the other is still going strong. We thought of you as the Italian float went by in the Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade in Baton Rouge. Sorry I didn’t get a picture! maybe next year….

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