Getting Things Done

A few weeks ago, we finally got motivated and wandered into the Questra in Arezzo to ask about Ben’s Permesso or long term stay document.  We did not have to wait too long to find out that it was ready and had been since early November.  He signed for it.  We went outside and looked at it and realized that we won’t have to do this again.  The document does not expire.  HOORAY!


So after getting that, a few days later we returned again to the Anagrafe in Monte San Savino to get Ben’s carta updated.  It was confirmed that the dragon lady who we and many others so feared had finally retired.  This nice young man helped us and now Ben is all up to date.



lunar new year 2013 014



We were out of the office before I realized that my carta has also expired.  So now I need to go back with pictures and get a new one.  But in the mean time I have received my updated voter registration card so I will be able to vote on Feb 23 or 24.  Haven’t decided how I am going to vote yet.  Do I hear Silvio calling my name????  Yeah, right!


But for all these successes, it took me 6 emails and finally a transatlantic phone call to our American insurance company to change the address on our car insurance policy.  And this was all done in English, with native English speakers.  So go figure?


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  1. michael

    So you’re staying in Italy “indefinitely”??? OK…I’ll just plan to visit sometime in the future and I’ll come for breakfast and insist on a frittata!

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