First of the season


The sagra and festa season that is…


orchid pics for cards 010


We were so excited when we saw the poster.  And managed to get some folks to agree to go with us.  Of course we had to go on Saturday since Ben is observing Lent and not eating meat on Fridays.  But despite the sunshine in this picture by Friday, and all day Saturday it was awful weather.  Cold, cold rain on us and snow on many others.  Richard, up in the hills near where we used to live could not get out.  There was 6 to 8 inches of snow.  When I took Nerone for his later Saturday afternoon walk I could see the snow almost all the way down the hill towards the the village of Policiano.    There was just no compelling reason for any of us to go out and fortunately Dinah agreed.  So we didn’t go. 


It continued to rain and snow all through Sunday and Monday.  But in our warm little valley we got only rain.  Down here, by and large it has been a very mild winter.  So much rain.  And many cloudy days but not very cold.  I still have annual flowers that are sheltered under a tree that are alive.  So it really has not been that cold.


A few more days and it will be March.  Can spring be far behind? 


P. S.   It is now mid-March.  We have been blessed with a few sunny days in a row.  And even on the rainy/cloudy days it has been warm and nice.  Up in to the high 50s or low 60s.  But now the weather is changing again and it will be near freezing at night and not above the mid-40s for the next few days.  Hopefully this is the  last hurrah of winter.  We have not started daylight savings time yet but it is remaining light until 6:15 or so.  I have already been planning my flowers but know I just need to wait.


Just like being patient about going to Nice.  Whooo hooo, only 19 more days.  I’m so excited!


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