After six years, you would think…


that I would not still have these thoughts.   But I do…


orchid pics for cards 028


Breakfast biscuits and sweet ice tea.  Honestly, I still find myself thinking at some point early in the morning, when I am struggling to get ready to be some place by 8 or 9 in the morning, “Well, this shouldn’t take too long.  Then we can just run by Hardees/Bojangles and get a biscuit before we…”  And that’s when I realize, there’s no running by anywhere to get a breakfast biscuit and a glass of sweet tea.  So one day not too long after I have had these thoughts, it occurs to me that if I just get organized and get up early enough, remember to turn on the oven (it takes about 45 minutes to heat to 400 degrees) I can make breakfast biscuits and sweet tea for us.  (notice I use my giant plastic cup and a whole tray of ice for the tea.  And I won’t even write how much sugar)  Ben is so happy when I do this.  And so am I.


So a rare treat, a pork chop biscuit and sweet tea.  ‘Cause I’m goin to Carolina in my mind’.



  1. Pork chop biscuit, sounds good. Great post! Thanks for sharing with me.
    You have a great site!

  2. BK

    Surely wish we could bring you a pork chop biscuit!

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