Happy Hoops Days

Well, finally someone else has recognized this weekend for what it is.  One of the best weekends of the year.  The start of March Madness.  That’s college basketball for those of you who don’t know.


I grew up watching basketball sitting with my Daddy.  A fine, fine way to learn about and enjoy basketball.  I truly enjoyed the game.  Shooting baskets in the backyard.  Watching my high school team play.  Always in a nice warm gym.  And I grew up in Kentucky in the age of Adolph Rupp.  (a legendary men’s basketball coach)  But I did not go to one of the ‘big name’ state universities.  So I sort of stopped watching.  Didn’t really start again until many years later while living in North Carolina.  And I was a big ACC fan. (Since I have credits from 3 North Carolina ACC schools and was accepted into the graduate program at another one)   Early on I felt like this weekend should be a holiday.  I always took time off. I have ritual foods that are served during the weekend.  Along with beer.  Everything that makes a holiday!


After we moved to Italy, I had a real hard time watching the games.  And many times would have to call my friend BK so that she could just put the phone by the TV for the last few minutes of the game.  Last year we were in Nice and I wasn’t able to watch at all.  This year I actually had forgotten.  Believe it or not.  But on Saturday after missing 2 days of the tournament I remembered.  I thought that I was timing my phone call to BK so that it was before a game started.  But as Jim snarled in the phone at me I realized that I had timed it for exactly the start of a game.  After a quick chat with BK I decided that maybe I would just try to watch. 

Wowie Zowie I got the game.  And was able to watch with no problems.


happy hoops day 049


There it was… the ACC tournament in  Greensboro Coliseum. 


There were even ads for stores that I know.


happy hoops day 048


Ohhhh, Belks.  I miss Belks.


There were food ads.  I hate to admit that some of the Ruby Tuesday food actually looked good.  That’s sad.


Somehow in the grocery on Wednesday I had been steered towards buying an avocado, wings and Roquefort to make bleu cheese dressing.  So Ben and I toughed it out on Saturday night with wings, celery, carrots and bleu cheese dip.


happy hoops day 051


Along with one of my carefully hoarded Miller Lite beers.


Sunday night for the final game we had Mexican treats including the uoooie, gooey cheese dip (I won’t even say how old my box of Velvetta was. And that was my last can of Rotel)  and guacamole. 



happy hoops day 050 


So I am glad that I can write that we appropriately celebrated the holiday even though we only saw 3 games.  Happy Hoops Days to everyone!



  1. Barry Master

    If only the Tar Heels could have won.

  2. BK

    So happy you had the “right” food on hand for one of our big food events of the year. We didn’t even have beer and popcorn. We’re slipping!! Too bad our team didn’t win!

  3. nyoka weaver

    Believe me, it didnt take me long to figure out you DO NOT call on Tuesday, from 8-9 pm thats NCIS.

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