Spring Progress

Saturday, March 16 was one of those glorious spring days here in Tuscany.  It was still a little chilly but sunny, sunny, sunny.


happy hoops day 015


I worked outside with the chicks at my feet, repotting some annuals that should have died but didn’t. 



happy hoops day 042


Nerone had me move these over last fall under one of the olive trees, by his outdoor chick bar.  Somehow they were protected enough that they have not died.  So I did a little dividing, repotting and fertilizing and hope that nothing happens to undo all this.  If so I could have about a quarter of the plants that I need for spring.  Here, these are annuals but folks from California have told me that these are normally planted in highway medians and are treated like perennials there.   We’ll see.


While we have had some below freezing weather it has not been for a long period of time like last year and here we have not had any snow fall.  But we have had rain.  Every week.  Pretty much Monday through Friday, every day rain or heavy clouds.  The sun bursts out on the weekend and then tucks itself away for the next week.  It is such a regular pattern.  I am reminded of the winter when Ben and I moved to Northern Virginia from North Carolina.  Ben had assured me that it didn’t snow much in Virginia.  At the first of January we moved in to a rental house at the top of a hill on a U shaped road.  Our trash/recycling pick-up day was Friday.  I happily unpacked boxes.  Thursday night I drug them out to the street.  Thursday night it snowed.  All day Friday the boxes remained because the truck could not get up the hill.  I drug them back to the house.  And unpacked more.  The next Thursday night I drug them all out again.  And Thursday night it snowed!  Now read those last three sentences again and repeat them 4 more times.  It was the middle of February before we got any trash hauled off.  I never again will believe anything Ben tells me about snow.  But back to the here and now.


The ‘Tuscan daisies’ are blooming.


happy hoops day 025


happy hoops day 023


Small white flowers that are weed like.  Almost like dandelions except more delicate.  They must have a very specific growing range because we never had these at our last house.  Too cold I guess.


happy hoops day 029


happy hoops day 032


(not the foliage that normally is part of this plant)



I hope that we have now had our last push of winter like temps and that spring is well and truly here.


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