Pansies, pansies, pansies


Oh, come on.  You just knew there would be at least one post about pansies.  I love them.  They are reliable.  And because the weather has been so mild some of them have bloomed all winter.


happy hoops day 039


Well, not these which have only now started to recover after being savagely attacked by the chicks!  They pulled every bud off.  I finally put these pots up on other pots and even though the chicks can still reach them they have left them alone. 



happy hoops day 040


The ones in the oyster crates were elevated all along so they never bothered them.  (I do think that I will pick up some more oyster crates when I am in Nice) 


happy hoops day 034



happy hoops day 036


This group which is underneath our downstairs neighbors’ windows has done very well.   I’m sure the heat that the house stores from the sun everyday has helped them along.


happy hoops day 038


The spring bulbs that I planted last fall starting to open.  If I can keep the chicks away from them it should be a nice show in a week or so.


Yes, spring is progressing nicely here.



  1. Those pansies are a lovely blue!

  2. BK

    Looking forward to seeing your pansies!

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