Windows, curtains and things like that

I love big windows in a house or a room.  But they do let in cold air.  Even if they are double paned or thermal or whatever.  And I really don’t like curtains. 


I have had frou-frou curtains before.  The Victorian house that I lived in with my first husband in the historic district of Wilmington, North Carolina had beautiful lace panels that we had purchased at Covent Gardens in London.  They were covered with heavy red/burgundy velvet drapes that puddled on the floor.  Real dust catchers those.   In our next house, a Frank Lloyd ‘Wrong’ contemporary house, there were no curtains at all.  The windows on the front were all at head level or higher.  The whole back side was sliding glass doors that opened on to a wooded lot.  I wasn’t blocking the view of the gardens on the off chance that some one who should not have been wandering around our back yard might see in.  So there were no curtains anywhere.  Once I was freed from that ‘oh we have to have curtains’ mentality there was no turning back.


But I understand that some folks have to have curtains.  It is a ‘provide a barrier from the outside’ sort of thing.  One of the first things I did when moving in here was to take the long curtains down and drape them as ‘flounces’ over the rods at the top.  The plan when we moved in here was that we will be upstairs for one year and then move downstairs when our neighbor Renata and her daughter move in to Arezzo.  The high school is in Arezzo.  The daughter is now high school age and naturally wants to be closer to her friends and activities.   Since I have always known that we were going to move after a year, I have not bothered to buy fabric and spend a lot of time and money making curtains for these windows only to have them be an inch or two the wrong size for the ones downstairs. 


But when we move downstairs we will have curtains.  At least in the winter.


happy hoops day 003


(I could let you think that is the moon outside the window, but it’s not.  That is the reflection of the light in the room in the window) 


Every window in the house looks like this.  Big, with interior shutters.  The shutters all shut but don’t all latch.  So they do prevent some heat loss but a heavy drape over the shut shutter would be better.    Every night about sunset I walk in to each room and shut the shutters.  Some of which are secured with plastic tie wraps.  And just about every night I recall my first husband’s younger brother who is developmentally challenged.   He lived at home with his parents, where we got to go visit.  He ran that house like a small island dictator.  Just about every room in the sprawling house had a TV in it.  And each TV had to be on and on a different station.  But the stations they were tuned to were pre-ordained by his majesty.  Not that he sat down and watched a program.  And, oh yeah, some of them had to have the volume set so HIGH that they were heard in the next county.  But the in-laws, his parents, were completely oblivious to this.  Once I was watching a Saturday afternoon basketball game, one of those real nail biters with a 1 point difference in the score and 15 seconds on the clock, when his majesty tornadoed through the room and switched the station.   I had no idea what station it was on and frantically tried changing back which of course brought his majesty back in to scold me.  And of course there were no Sunday papers.  It was Monday before I had any idea how the game had turned out.  But I have digressed.  In addition to controlling the TVs his majesty also had control of the curtains.  And every night he went around pulling the heavy drapes shut.  So now I think of him most every night and how he would love the ritual of it.



happy hoops day 004


My plan for when we move downstairs is to make heavy, quilted hangings for each window.   So, look what you have to look forward to, posts about me making curtains.  And do you think there might be some with chickens??????


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