Spring is in the house

I broke off some branches and brought them in to force them open a week or two early.


steak in castelnuovo subbiano 005



steak in castelnuovo subbiano 007



steak in castelnuovo subbiano 012


Unfortunately the pollen the flowers released was so strong I had to move them outside.  So now we only see them when we go in and out. 


So Spring was only in the house for a little while.



  1. Linda Ruiz

    Love your blog ! I hope you and Ben are happy and healthy. Frank and I just returned from China and will be going to the Phillipines in November.

    Could you please add my new email to your list?

    I love keeping up with your adventures. Thank you for letting me join in.

    Linda Ruiz

  2. Linda, not sure if you are asking me to add your email to my email addresses or to the subcriber list for the blog. I have added it to my email addresses but I have no way to add or change it on the subcriber list. Just subcribe again, I guess. And I am also removing the address from your cmment above since these comments can be accessed by anyone. Glad you all are traveling. We are fortunate to be able to do fun things. Martha

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