Steak near Subbiano

Last week in Arezzo we saw a poster and then I found a flyer for a steak sagra.


march 2013 steak 004


Castelnuovo di Subbiano is just outside of Arezzo, not as far away as Subbiano.  And for 13 Euros a person how could we go wrong.


We got there about 6:30 and were lucky enough to get a parking space, which since there is a fairly busy road that runs through town, was a good thing.  A big fire was going  and lots of folks were gathering.  There was a bar, so we bought a beer to enjoy while watching  and passing the time.


steak in castelnuovo subbiano 013


steak in castelnuovo subbiano 014


The menu for 13 Euros was a steak, choice of French fries or a salad, bread, wine and water.  The wine was red only.  I don’t like red wine so we had 2 beers at 2 Euros each from the bar.  So for 30 euros or about $40 we had a great meal. 


steak in castelnuovo subbiano 016


steak in castelnuovo subbiano 017


The steaks were perfectly cooked.  Excellently seasoned.  A very nice meal.


And the place was jammed by the time we left.  So for next year, get there by 6:30, parking lot just beyond the event, bring white wine and come hungry.


steak in castelnuovo subbiano 020



  1. BK


  2. Looks delish! Here’s hoping there are a few Sagras still in November. 🙂

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