She’s Drivin’ me CRAZY!!!

Guest Post: by Nerone the dog


The woman is drivin’ me crazy!  You know who I mean… She Who Must Be Obeyed.  All I hear from her is Nice, Nice, Nice.  “When we’re in Nice..”  “Oh, in Nice I need to …”   


steak in castelnuovo subbiano 003


I’m tryin’ to be patient but then She starts on “Siena loved to go to France.”  Siena is the sainted dog that I’m supposed to look like.  And if that’s not enough there’s the other sainted one, ‘Hawthorn’.   “When we come back, Jim and BK will be with us.  See here’s Jim with Hawthorn.


steak in castelnuovo subbiano 001


And she shoves some picture in my face.  You know, he’s just a black and white dagw.  What’s so special about him?  ‘Cept, I think he used to run out and fetch beer or somethin’ for her.  Heard about that a lot while she was watchin’ basketball.  And what is with this basketball stuff?  They’re sittin’ in her room around an itty, bitty little screen.  There’s no comfy couch in that room.  And they start hollerin’ and stuff.  I just got up and went to bed.  I couldn’t see the excitement.


And then there’s the “Now don’t say anything to Max”  Evidently Max can’t be told because then he would wonder what I’m goin’ to be doin’.  And since Max never gets to go on a vacay like I will next week it might make him feel bad.  Yeah, well I get almost a whole week of not be bothered by chickens or cats or havin’ to watch and protect!  Man, that’ll be nice.  I need a rest.  This place is busy and noisy.  I can hardly get a decent nap in. 


steak in castelnuovo subbiano 002


Don’t be lookin’ for no postcard from France from me.  I’ll be nappin’ in good ole Tuscany.


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