Nice, the Senior Tour, April, 2013

What can I say?  Four American adults over 60 bumbling around Nice, France.  Six stumbles and falls for the trip.  Several skinned knees, elbows, bruised fingers…  Next time we take a younger caregiver, who preferably speaks French and is strong enough to carry luggage, keep track of three adults who immediately upon entering a location each totter off in a different direction and then proceed to get completely out of view, but two of them continued to ask questions all while heading away from me.  The best question was… ‘See that sandwich that man is eating?  What country do you think that bread came from?’   I just dissolved into laughter.  And truth be told, while I might comment I would do it all over again.  In a heartbeat.



nice 2013 part 1 010


Our first night together.  In the bar/restaurant of the hostel.  From left, BK, Jim and Ben.


nice 2013 part 1 019


BK negotiating with the bar tender.


nice and italy, jim and bk, April 2013 033


Jim trying to be a ‘local’. 



nice and italy, jim and bk, April 2013 030


Yep, sunny, warm Nice in April.  I was more than a little cold.


Look for more posts about meals and  street scenes.


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