Final shots from Nice

Just a few random shots.  Next week it will be back to Italy.  I promise



nice 2013 part 1 048


We heard that it was a dreary, cloudy winter and spring in Nice.  This man seemed to be enjoying the sun and a nice glass of wine.


nice 2013 part 1 041


And my Ben enjoyed it too.



nice 2013 part 1 051


It seems that my friend Jules has been busy.  She’s a sly one, planning to display young men around her pool.  Hmmm, I guess it will be an exciting summer for her.



nice 2013 part 1 052


After our lunch and a visit to the CROCS store, the walk back to the tram was too much for Ben to face so I packed him in a pedicab.  There he goes.



nice 2013 part 1 055


It was a relative flat pedal for this young woman, but she earned her 6 Euros.



nice and italy, jim and bk, April 2013 042


Some of my haul from the Asian super market.  Asiana, 56 boulevard Risso (tram stop Garabaldi)  Phone 04 93 26 42 07.





nice and italy, jim and bk, April 2013 030


And a final parting shot on a not so sunny day. 


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