Catching up

I have been neglecting my blog.  I know.  So much so that I have even had 2 friends email to ask if something was wrong.  No, just incredibly busy.  For several weeks now I have felt like a dog chasing my tail.  Just running in circles.   It does not help that at this time of year, Italy celebrates 2 holidays less than a week apart.   That really cuts into time to get things done.  And you know… we are such social butterflies.  Just flitting from event to event.


So today, May 1, the last of the two holidays,  I decided to try to do a bit on some of some of the things that are on my list.  First I started on laundry.


catching up 005


There was so much I had to put up a second line and this was only two loads.  There are at least two  more to do.


Then I worked on my orto or vegetable garden.  Which has been worrying me for a few weeks now.  My friend BK brought me yellow squash and white corn seeds.  The space I have been given for my garden doesn’t have easy access to water but is easily accessed by the chickens.  Now I am fond of the chickens, but their feet are as big as my hand.  One scratch in the dirt and I could lose a plant.   And I should have started turning over the soil back in March when it was raining every day.  But I didn’t.  And now it is fairly dry and hard.    But the other day while passing a trash can we happened upon a great collection of BIG black plastic pots.  So today I worked on filling them with soil and getting ready to plant.  And now you expect a picture.  Just wait for the plants, then there will be a picture.


But the list is still long of things that I have not even started on, including but not limited to getting out my summer clothes and putting up the screens.  But I am going to get a backlog of posts done so that all I have to do is come in and publish one each night. 


So thanks as always for reading and patiently checking to see if I have published anything.  And don’t worry flower pictures are coming.


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