Beds and Beds

The folks who own the house that we used to rent were having some work done which involved a front end loader.  I was up to check on the work and everyone’s favorite cat Elizabetta and noticed that of course the front end loader had run over two of the four alliums that were up.   Elizabetta and I talked about it and agreed that in a few weeks when Richard (one of the owners) was here, he was just going to run over them with the lawn mower.  Elizabetta and I decided that I should just dig these two up and try to save them.   So I did. 


Arriving home, it was a dilemma about where I was going to plant them.  Finally I just decided to make a whole new flower bed, inspired by the one I had seen in  France.


nice and italy, jim and bk, April 2013 019


The one in France.  A mix of perennials and annuals and lots of color. 


I walked around thinking about it for a few days, asking La Signora who manages the place if it was okay,  considering the impact it would have on Costantino who has to cut and trim the lawn, asking Renata, who lives downstairs.  No one really seemed to mind so I started digging.


new beds, flowers, jim and bk 008


From the kitchen window you can see the shovel at the back edge of the bed.


new beds, flowers, jim and bk 009


A ground level view.  It was fairly easy to dig  since we have had so much rain.  I just removed the top inch or so of grass and then turned over the rest.


new beds, flowers, jim and bk 032


Fortunately, there are a number of wild flowers on the property so I moved a few of those.  My gazzinas (?) from last year (the liriope looking plants that everyone from California seems to know since they are planted by the highway medians) wintered over.  So I added them.  And the oniony looking things are the alliums.  All of which seem to have survived.  Notice the oyster crates in the middle.  The row of planters with blue pansies at the back act as a wall to keep the chicken out.


new beds, flowers, jim and bk 054


The deep blue/purple iris opened and look great.  I have been adding more and more as the weeks pass and I find new plants at the garden centers.  So there will be more pictures.  I am very happy with how it turned out.


And on to the other beds…


We rent a furnished apartment.  Here in Italy, I think we own 15 pieces of furniture, 10 of those pieces are chairs.  We do not own a bed.  The one that came  with the apartment, while large, was most uncomfortable for me.  Every night, I woke several times a night because some part of my body hurt and I needed to turn over.  And we won’t even talk about how much space I got in the bed.  So when I saw an ad in a local newsletter about barely used bed frames and mattresses for sale I jumped on it. 


new beds, flowers, jim and bk 056


So now we have two twin beds, with twin bed mattresses pushed together.  And because of our weight difference, it is really hard from Ben to encroach on my space.  He really doesn’t like it, but it doesn’t keep him from sleeping.  And I actually sleep for four straight hours before waking up.   Probably the best 160 Euros that we have spent this year.


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  1. BK

    Congratulations on your beds (both kinds). You are amazing with the flowers!

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