Dinah’s Garden

Regular readers of this blog will remember when I have written about our friends, Dinah and Allen and the place that they own in nearby Lucignano.  They have been having a lot of work done to the place and the wonderful terrace was turned in to a builders’ store yard.  But now the work is finishing; Allen is about to come for a stay; summer is arriving; so Dinah wanted to clean up the terrace add some color and make it an inviting place to sit.

She asked me to go with her to help pick out plants.  Ohhhh, yeah, she really had to persuade me.  Nothing I like less that looking at and buying plants.  HA!



One afternoon, we went out to my favorite nursery and Dinah helped the local economy by buying a nice selection of plants.  The next day was cloudy and a good day to get all the plants in the ground.

Here are the results.


Dinah's garden 005


Dinah's garden 006




Dinah's garden 012



Dinah's garden 007


Dinah's garden 008



Dinah's garden 011


Here’s Dinah!




Dinah's garden 014



Dinah's garden 015


Dinah thinks that I was being sooooo helpful.  Little does she know, that like many gardeners,  I am always looking for more space to plant.  I was really just ‘colonizing’ her terrace.   Now if I could get her to buy a hot tub….



  1. gvmelissa

    Just lovely!

  2. Talula Guntner

    I could use your help in N.C. 🙂 Talula

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