What’s New in Cortona?

This great space!  It is under the large piazza and has been revitalized by our friends, Megan and Sebastian of Del Brenna Jewellery  (www.delbrenna.it)  The space will house a new showroom and a design studio.  And also a space that can be used for  wine tastings.




del brennen opening 022


del brennen opening 020


Jewelry designs.


del brennen opening 023


The final product.


del brennen opening 025


Work area



del brennen opening 024


Reeds uncovered in the ceilings




del brennen opening 028


The old wine press/grape stomping area.



del brennen opening 027


An old olive press



del brennen opening 026


Newer fixtures


del brennen opening 032


del brennen opening 033



del brennen opening 019



Olive oil and balsamic vinegar from our friends, Tania and Keith  (http://www.lartedellolivo.com/).



del brennen opening 017


Some of the good food that we enjoyed at the reception.


del brennen opening 021


Richard (in purple) chatting with our friend Chuck who helped out as bartender that evening.



del brennen opening 031


The lovely Megan. 


So now one more reason to visit Italy and Cortona.  Congratulations to Megan and Sebastian on a well thought out, beautiful new use for this space.  


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