More garden news

The place where we live has a lot of land.  A lot.   Vegetable garden space was offered to me.  But I couldn’t figure out how I would get water to it, how I would get it dug up and how I would keep the chickens out of it.  While we were riding around I came across this collection of BIG black pots by a trash bin.  Just what I needed for a manageable garden. 




allen and peas 019


The front four pots (the ones with sticks) are tomatoes.  The back four have yellow squash seeds planted in them.  As a precaution I drug out some bird netting until everything gets a little bigger.  Squash has come up in three of the pots.  I do hope that I get some.  We really miss yellow squash. 


I guess we’ll see how it does as the summer goes along.


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