Celebrating My Birthday

It is difficult to celebrate, when your birthday is on a Monday, so this year I managed to make it a week long event! 


The week started with fine, fine hamburgers at Ristoburger in Arezzo. 


bday party 2013 013



bday party 2013 015


Our happy group, from left, Tania, Keith, Grace, Dinah and Ben.


bday party 2013 016


I know that it might seem puzzling that I would chose to have hamburgers for my birthday dinner since I live in Italy and have many choices of wonderful Italian food.  But you know,  I have many choices of wonderful Italian food everyday!  A really good hamburger is something special here.  And these were really good.  And the best of all, Grace drove.  So I could have all the beer I wanted.  That was a true treat too. 


The week ended with more dinners and….


kk and maggiaolata 001


Yes, indeed, KRISPY KREME doughnuts!!!!!   Whoooo hoooo.  Now that is special.  My friend Allen was in London and brought back two boxes.   What a sweetie he is.  (I didn’t even ask what they cost) 


kk and maggiaolata 002


Notice that the box says that I am supposed to share??????? 


kk and maggiaolata 003


Well, I did share.  I am not that fond of filled doughnuts, so Ben was able to taste the 2 filled ones. 



It was a very special week.  Thanks to all for making me feel special and loved.


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  1. Carol

    Happy birthday Martha !

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