Chicken Sighting

Guest Post:  by Nerone, the dog


Well, my chicken friends have returned.  I’m so happy!  It seems that they just changed houses.  They was bein’ reducated about where they lived.  Now they live over by La Signora, instead of in the barn.  I’m guessin’ since those horses will be here soon maybe they had to move.





bday party 2013 009


And you  know, I was sick, but thought that I was better.  Oh, well fool me!  I got so sick when they went out to eat the other night (sump’in about a birthday?)  that I had to throw up on their bed.  I mean, my bed wasn’t there since I had thrown up on it the night before and She had washed it.  So I used theirs.  I think that’s only fair.  Anyway,  it must have really upset She Who Must Be Obeyed because she was all stompin’ around and fussin’ when they came home and found it.  And the next day they took me to the vet.  And then again the next day!  After She had to put some of my poop in a bag.  Oh, really, so humilatin’.  So I have to get all poked and prodded and get THREE shots and two sets of pills.  And then She has to call to find out if my poop is okay.  Well of course it was.  I just missed my chicken friends.  But now, I am really okay.  And it only cost her 60 Euros.  She seems right tickled over that.  She says it used to cost 60 dollars (whatever they are) just to walk in the door of that saint of a dog, Siena’s vet in Virgeeenia.  (wherever that is). 


Oh well, my chicken friends are back and She says that the pretty dog, Luna will be here soon.   Oh, I’m excited!


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