Maggiolata in Lucignano

We figured since we have drug Dinah to so many sagras and festas in other towns we should show up at the one that her town, Lucignano puts on near the end of May.  Maggiolata.  It is a yellow flower that blooms at this time of year.  I know it as Scotch Broom.    Lucignano does the festa up right, several days, parades, floats, food, bands.  The whole bit.   We only showed up for the dinner. 


bday party 2013 018





kk and maggiaolata 006


Here is Dinah trying to convince us of how cold her nose is.  Next to her is one of the cutest men in the world, Enzo. 



kk and maggiaolata 007


And now Dinah can’t believe that I really took that picture and that I might really use it.  But you can tell, Enzo knows…


kk and maggiaolata 008


We started with antipasta Toscana.  Then Ben had a grilled pork chop and French Fries.



kk and maggiaolata 013



I had a pizza and salad, a medium and large beer, water and cover charge for 33 Euros.    But don’t let me forget….



Our entertainment.


kk and maggiaolata 009


kk and maggiaolata 010


kk and maggiaolata 011



kk and maggiaolata 012


These really cute children who would pop up and down like little birds in a nest.  They were very cute.  And enjoyable.



  1. grace brousseau

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  2. Mmm, that looks good! I’d love to spend time at gatherings like this, eat and drink with friends and just enjoy a fab time…

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment and the compliment. I’ve lived in the UK for such a long time now that I’ve developed a bit of a funny accent. Add to that the fact that I’ve spent time in Germany, my accent goes from French to sometimes German but I’ve also been mistaken for South African. Truly international I guess 😉

    Have a lovely evening xo

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