Pasta at Battifolle

Two years ago we were at this fresh pasta sagra with some of our guests.  We really enjoyed the food so this year we decided to go back at lunch time on Sunday, June 2.  We arrived a little after noon and it was already crowded.  I had to stand in line for a bit to order but Ben was able to get us a table.  Our friends, Grace and Gian Carlo called to say they would be arriving so we held to seats for them and decided to wait to get our food.  Ohhhhh, what a mistake.  I had no idea it had gotten that crowded.  It was another hour and a half before we got any food.  Which goes to underscore my point that at these types of events you should either arrive right when it starts or right before it stops but not in the middle unless you are prepared to wait.  And waiting would not have been bad if it had not been so noisy and we could have gotten something to munch on. 


pasta in battifolle 005


The antipasto



pasta in battifolle 006


The home made pasta with porcini on top.


It was not as good as last time but we might consider going again.


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