Help, we been invaded!

Guest Post:  By Nerone, the dog


Just look at THIS!


nancy, taglita, june 2013 007



nancy, taglita, june 2013 008



HORSES!  There are two of them.  Mannnnn alive, they’re  biguns and smelly!  Shoe weee!  Man, my summer is ruined.   I just have to bark you know. 


And that crazy Max, he just walks right on over to them.  Like they’re nuthin!   Well, I just have to bark.


And then She Who Must Be Obeyed, comes out and yells at me for barkin’.  And then she tries to take me over to see them!   Whoooo, I don’t know bout that.  I just have to bark. 


She says it’s gonna be a long summer….


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