Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood

Dinah and Allen invited us to Lucignano to their neighborhood dinner. 




nancy, taglita, june 2013 022


These are one of my favorite events of the summer.  Streets are closed, tables set up and everyone comes out to join the fun.


nancy, taglita, june 2013 023


The menu which was an antipasto, pasta, sliced steak, spinach, dessert and all the wine and water you could hold was 17 Euros a person.  A very good deal.




nancy, taglita, june 2013 032


We were a big group, taking up almost a whole table.


nancy, taglita, june 2013 036


Finally, the strong young lads carried out the large table size trays filled with antipasto platters.


nancy, taglita, june 2013 038


From the top, prosciutto, salami, crostini with with beans, spicy tomato sauce, tuna, and chicken livers.  The middle is a farro salad. 



nancy, taglita, june 2013 045


The pasta.


nancy, taglita, june 2013 049


And then there was a long wait for the meat.


nancy, taglita, june 2013 050


The volunteers were handing out the wine.  The wait was so long…..



nancy, taglita, june 2013 053


Nancy was considering adoption.


But finally the sliced steak came.  Sorry no picture.  We didn’t last until dessert.   



nancy, taglita, june 2013 024


No, this isn’t the sun rising, but setting.  It was a very fun night.  I hope we do it again next year.



  1. Lovely pictures you have there.

  2. Melissa

    Looks like a good group!

  3. Melissa

    – and good food!

  4. BK

    Oh! What fun! I do wish we had been with the group again. You do know how much we love spending time in Lucignano! BK

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