So how’s the garden looking?

Come on now, you knew I’d be writing more about my garden.  And I know you are just dying to read it. 




nancy, taglita, june 2013 011


The reason the whole garden started is these 3 purple balls here, that  have finally bloomed.  These were the alliums, that back in the spring, the digger ran over at John and Richard’s house.  Elizabetta and I decided that I should just dig them up and take them home since Richard would probably cut them down with the lawn mower.  So I did and was forced to make a whole flower bed for them to feel comfortable in.  They are not that showy this year.  (I mean how good can you look after being run over by a digger?)  But I think next year after they have settled in, they will be just fine.


So now here is the rest of the garden.



nancy, taglita, june 2013 009


nancy, taglita, june 2013 012


The white/clear thing on a black stick at the upper right is a hummingbird that lights up at night and changes colors.  My friend Nina gave that to me several years ago.  I am so happy that I have it.  It is my only hummingbird since we don’t have any here in Italy.  But we do have hummingbird moths.  They are absolutely fearless and flit around each night while I am watering, chasing each other and fighting over flowers.   This year, I finally got a butterfly bush but have not seen the numbers and variety of butterflies that I used to see at the place where we lived.  Don’t really know why.  Might still be too early for them.


And finally,


nancy, taglita, june 2013 066


A shot taken through the olive trees.


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  1. Melissa

    Looking lovely!

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