Busy, busy

You might remember a few months ago I built a bookcase from a kit and slipcovered it in wood to make a cabinet out of it.  Using a large picture as the door.  Well there were 2 pictures, but at the time I felt like we didn’t have the money to buy the wood to make another cabinet.  Finally, I felt comfortable spending the money.  So for most of the month of June I have been finishing the second cabinet.



nancy, taglita, june 2013 014


nancy, taglita, june 2013 015


The work in progress.


yellow squash 001


Occasionally, I had to subcontract out for some skilled labor to help.  Ha!


hail storm, jone 2013 004


This is the first one that I did.  Note the Pennsylvania Dutch Hex sign on the sides.  I had just painted those on and they were better than what I did at first.  But I still was not completely happy with it.



hail storm, jone 2013 005


My friend Roberta sent me this card and I really liked the pattern on it.  Do I decided to adapt it for the sides of the second piece.



hail storm, jone 2013 002


Up close it looks more like skates (you know the fish types) attacking a star fish.  Note the missing trim around the top edge.  The fabric shop is out.  We are hoping for more.


hail storm, jone 2013 003


So here is the first one.



hail storm, jone 2013 001


And across the room from it is the second one, waiting for its trim.  Can’t believe it took me this long to do that.


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