Ben will remember this

as the summer of Thai inspired salads.  When we were in Nice I bought a bottle of Spicy Thai salad dressing, Som Tum.  No oil in it and the suggested use was with green papaya.  And then when I saw papayas in the Esselunga, well I knew it was time to open that bottle and try it. 



nancy, taglita, june 2013 002


nancy, taglita, june 2013 006


The dressing is really good.  Sorry that I only bought one bottle.   I have had to invoke the spirit and wisdom of Ben’s daughter, Annalisa, the one who spent 6 months in Asia recently, to mix up  a substitute.    The salads are different each time.  The common thread is the papaya which I think makes them.  Sometimes with noodles, sometimes with rice.  A little bit of grilled meat or chicken.  The Indian man down the way is growing beautiful cilantro which I have in mine.   Ben gets the red peppers.  Hmmmm, just good.


Can you tell that we miss Asian food?


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