Shhhh, the baby is resting

What??? Baby????  Baby yellow squash that is.  See it?



yellow squash 023



yellow squash 022



Some of its older siblings. 


yellow squash 024


The tomatoes are in the front and you can just see the squash leaves at the back.


Since these shots were taken, we had a horrendous hail storm.  Pea size to strawberry size hail that lasted for about 10 minutes followed by very heavy rain.


hail storm, jone 2013 008


hail storm, jone 2013 009



hail storm, jone 2013 010


It lasted a long time.  I had plenty of time to take pictures.


hail storm, jone 2013 007


The chickens were sheltering under this table.  I could see them peek out every now and then.  (Chicken Little: The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!)




hail storm, jone 2013 013


The white patches are hail.  It accumulated.  In fact the temperature dropped so much that our heat came on.  Yes, end of June and the heat came on.


Any way, some more about the weather since I have not written about it in a while.  By and large, May, was rainy and chilly.  June arrived and we had 10 days of very hot, like August hot temps, in the 90s.  Then we returned to cooler than normal weather which was nice but still unsettling.  It was about the same as Maine weather, I needed a hoodie to walk the dog in the morning or evening.  That’s just not right for here in June.  (Living in the southern part of the US, until I visited Maine, I never understood why  the LL Bean summer catalog showed hoodies and sweatshirts.  And what is a summer weight sweatshirt?  After visiting Maine I understood that it gets chilly there at night in the summer.  What folks in the American south call ‘good sleepin weather’.  Fortunately, I have one of those summer weight hoodies.) 

For fourth of July week it is supposed to be hot again.  I guess since I spent 50 Euros on fans we will be ready for it.


And I hope by the end of the week, if not before, to harvest a few yellow squash (Thank you very much Jim and BK) and enjoy them.  They are a true treat here.  That is of course if the skies don’t come tumbling down again.  


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