The Sentinels

Here is Nerone on guard duty with his friend and co-worker Max in the foreground.   Nerone is tethered to the tree.  Max runs free.  Okay, I hear the AWWWWW.  Let us all remember that Nerone is a rescue dog, with a history of running away!  A dog with no sense of place or direction.  That is why he is tethered to a tree.  He asks to go out and sit there.  He expects to be there at certain times of the day.  The only time he will whine about it, is if it starts raining and I don’t notice and come get him.

About a day or so after we moved here, Max and Nerone must have had a pow wow to decide how to divide up guard dog duties.  They pretty much split the area in half.  Nerone watches one half, Max the other.  Nerone will sound the alarm…’CAT!  CAT!  CAT!’  and Max is off like a shot.   He is very good at treeing cats.    But Max comes back after a while.  Nerone would not.  So Nerone stays to guard the fort while Max goes out to engage the enemy.  Their other duties are watching the laundry dry and ignoring the chickens.  Both of which they are good at.




yellow squash 014


When Nerone and I go on walks, Max comes along.  It is rather funny to watch his tiny little legs taking 4 or 5 steps for each one of Nerone’s strides.  Unless some piece of food is dropped in the yard the two of them get along just fine.  I was worried that when Luna, the Canadian dog who summers here, arrived that it would upset the balance but it didn’t.  She is much too busy with her people to be down here too much.  So it has worked out well. 


I like that Nerone takes his job of protecting very seriously.  He is a good dog.  And on July 19th we will celebrate his two year anniversary with us.  All of us, Nerone, Ben and I are lucky to be part of each other’s lives. 


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  1. sherrie and Franco

    love it!!

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