When life (and your friends) gives you lemons…


end of june 2013 posters 012




end of june 2013 posters 009


and the chickens give you eggs…


ben's b day, 4th of july 2013 023


make a lemon meringue pie….



ben's b day, 4th of july 2013 056


and then watch as your friends fight over the leftovers.



The tale of the pies is actually interesting.  A number of folks living and dead had a hand in them.  John and Richard brought us the lemons in June.  I had them on a pedestal plate and admired them each time I went in the kitchen, knowing that they were from where my grandmother on my father’s side grew up (Sorrento).    They were around for a while and then the eggs from the chickens on the property where we live were given to us.  What to do?  Fortunately, I remembered a quick and easy lemon curd recipe that I saw in one of the Southern Living magazines that our friends Jim and BK brought to us in May.  So I made lemon curd.  And then it sat in the fridge.  What to do?  What to do?  Then Ben’s birthday arrived.  And he is fond of lemon meringue pie.  And since my grandmother on my mother’s side was known by some as ‘Aunt Pie’ because of her great pie making skills, I broke one of my rules and turned on the oven in June.  I made the two pies using the lemon curd and a meringue recipe that I found online.  (Best meringue that I have ever made).  Ben and I had one pie.  I considered taking the other to Tania and Keith’s 4th of July celebration but decided against it since last year there were soooo many desserts.  But the pie was a star the next night at the festa that we went to with Tania and Keith and some other American expats (and a few Australians and Italians too).  (see another post about Toro in Turo)  I very carefully packed my mother’s sliver plated pie server to dish it up with.  Tania wrangled some extra plates out of the staff.  And it was so good that the shot above is Lorenzo eating the leftovers from his fiancés plate. 


So the simple gift of lemons from friends, made me remember with fondness my relatives and my friends.  From me in the spirit of those relatives and friends I made 2 pies which delighted my wonderful husband and  different friends.  And as they enjoyed pie, I heard tales of eating lemon meringue pie when they were growing up.  I think those lemons and eggs made a full circle.


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  1. Linda Ruiz

    Your pies looked perfect.

    I am going to Chicago tomorrow to see Thai Dang and check out his restaurant. Do you remember the cute Vietnamese guy when we first started working at NOVA? He has been working at this since he came to NVCC 12 years ago. I feel like a proud mama and you should to!

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