So how is the squash?

Fortunately, the squash was not damaged in the hail storm.  But I decided to pick it a few days after wards.  It was turning from a delicate, tender, pale yellow to a thicker skin, so I thought it would be best to enjoy it while still small.  It was small.  Those are cherry tomatoes next to it.  Yellow squash is not common here.  I had to have someone bring seeds to me.  It is one of those veg that we really miss.  Along with snow peas. 


ben's b day, 4th of july 2013 015



ben's b day, 4th of july 2013 021


Luckily I have a small skillet that I used to cook it briefly with a shallot and a big ole’ hunk of butter.  Ben and I enjoyed about two tablespoons each of it with our chicken and sweet potato.  Very down home.  Now I guess we’ll have to wait for a few more weeks until the next crop comes in.  Thanks Jim and BK for the seeds.


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