One of the things about Italy is that very little is done halfway.  In the summer, where we lived before, I would watch storms hitting the valley and hills across from us.  I would watch the storms go   right past us, never shedding a drop of rain.  But on Monday, July 29th the storm didn’t pass us by.  We took a very direct hit from a tornado/micro burst/straight line winds?  Whatever you want to call it.  There is a lot of damage.


storm, jeannie visit 016


storm, jeannie visit 020


My flower bed is under that cedar.



storm, jeannie visit 034






storm, jeannie visit 026



Golf ball size hail.  This was taken about 45 minutes after the storm. 


storm, jeannie visit 043


This is what hail does to window frames



storm, jeannie visit 046



and screens.  Amazingly, no glass was broken.


storm, jeannie visit 035


The view from our front door.  That cedar used to be standing tall 30 feet away instead of draped up against the house.



storm, jeannie visit 027


The view from the street of the villa that is on the property.  It is a beautiful chestnut lined path.  This was not one of the hardest hit areas of the property. 


storm, jeannie visit 030


The cedar lined driveway was the worst area hit.


storm, jeannie visit 041


Costantino (the hardest working man in Tuscany) started the cleanup that day.  And the owners of the property have had crews (multiple) here everyday since.  There is a wedding scheduled to be held on the property on Saturday so everyone is working hard to get the place looking nice again. 


We were without power for 30 hours.  There are holes in our roof.  I think our roof received the most damage,  so hopefully it will be the first one fixed.  There was a dormer on the roof that gave access to the roof and was where all the antennas were attached.  The dormer is completely gone.  I’m pretty sure it was hit by lightening.  So we have no idea when we will have internet service again. 


Otherwise, my cousin, Jeannie and her companion John came to visit two days later. 


storm, jeannie visit 047


They helped us fix the screens.  We ate and drank and laughed and forgot our cares for a bit.


storm, jeannie visit 050


We are happy that we are safe, did not lose too much and can carry on.  But Nerone says that if he has to listen to chain saws one more day he’s moving.



  1. So sorry to hear this! Glad you are OK and no one was hurt.

  2. lindyloumacinitaly

    I heard about the storm but not realised quite how bad it was, thank goodness you are unhurt and safe. Take Care.

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