I’m Exhausted!

Guest Post:  By Nerone, the dog


These people I live with are not following their schedule! They’re out until all hours of the night, eatin’ and drinkin’. Then they come home and expect me to be awake and wanting to go outside and shake a leg when clearly it is time to be in bed. And they’re going to the Esselunga on the wrong day! It is just a disgrace! I think I blame John and Richard for all this. I was thinkin’ of movin’ in to the big house with my friend Luna and her people, but they are even worse! And that Luna, she runs around without even a collar on. What is she thinkin’? That’s how dogs loose their people. Believe me I know… I just gotta have a talk with her and straighten her out! I mean really! And she hangs out with those horses too! Ohhhhh, my whole world is just topsy turvy! I think I’ll just take a nap under the ceiling fan.





ben's b day, 4th of july 2013 044


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