Well, more than a week after the storm, we are still recovering.  For many days, folks in trucks and tractors with noisy chain saws and loud heavy equipment arrived very early in the morning and worked hard and loudly all day.  By Saturday, the 3rd, the place looked very good in time for the wedding that was scheduled here.  But as I write today, Costantino, (the hardest working man in Tuscany) is still chain sawing up branches.  It has been very hot, every day, in the mid-90s with some amount of humidity. 


The scaffolding that will be built on the side of the house so that the roofers will have access has arrived.  They were supposed to start today but still have not seen them and it is now after noon.  Once they start it will be 7 to 10 days before they finish.  So I am thinking that it will be at least Friday, the 16th, before the roof is finished enough so that the internet connection folks can come.  Of course the 15th is a holiday.  So it will probably be sometime in the week of the 19th before we have service again. 


Our downstairs neighbor has gone on vacation.  Costantino has been left in charge of her dog.  I have been left in charge of the cat.  The dog hangs out with Nerone in the yard most of the day anyway or sleeps right outside our door.  As long as he observes his curfew and I don’t have to tear all over the countryside in the dark to find him so he is not standing and barking at a cat at midnight then we will all be fine.



And a very sad note, the white chicken, who I called ‘Honey Girl’ but whose name was really Candy, was killed.  No post mortem was conducted and no arrests have been made.  Nerone confided in me that he thinks other dogs come around when he is not out guarding the yard.  During this last week he has been inside most of the time because of all the folks wandering around and the noise.  (He is very sensitive to noise and just has to bark.)  He, along with the rest of us are taking this very hard.  He said that she was always the most polite when coming to the ‘chick bar’.  And she left behind a LARGE unpaid tab!  He thinking of discontinuing monthly accounts. 



missy with chicks 011



missy with chicks 013


So below are a slew of posts that I previously wrote.  Make them last, since you won’t see any for a while.  And thanks to all for your comments and concern.


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