Recovery, part 2

Written August 13.


Another week of chain saws.  And trucks.  And workmen.  But a little less since there is a holiday this week.   The villa on the property got their internet back on but I was never able to connect with it.  I have gone round and round with Marie-Claude (the owner’s Momma) (she is here year round and keeps the place running) about the  telephone.  She kept insisting that there was one in our house and that I should call and report it out of order.  I kept insisting that it was pointless to call for repairs until the roof was fixed and the dormer where all the antennas were attached was rebuilt.   Finally, I figured out that besides our VOIP (internet) phone there is a land line phone into this house which I don’t think that either apartment uses but it is registered and is on the same line as Marie Calude’s and until one of us called, the phone company would not fix hers.  Marie-Claude arrived at this conclusion about the same time that I did.  And since I had no idea the connection even existed or what the number is, she figured out that she was just going to have to call for me.  And she was nice enough to call for me about our internet connection. But we are both still waiting for workmen.  


After 2 full hours with three men and a truck working on it, one of the stumps finally surrendered. 


pizza 2013, fred and ale 008




pizza 2013, fred and ale 009


pizza 2013, fred and ale 010


pizza 2013, fred and ale 011



All of the big stumps are now gone.  Costantino has resumed his battle with the grass and weeds.  He is also dealing with the smaller stumps and branches as he comes to each area.  The scaffolding is up around our house and I think the roof is about 90% finished.  But grit and dirt are still pouring in the windows.  And as soon as I clean the shelves and move everything back in the pantry (where the biggest hole was)  they will probably tromp all over the place again and drop more grit and dirt so I am just waiting.


pizza 2013, fred and ale 012 


pizza 2013, fred and ale 013


Scaffolding from the kitchen window.


I know, this  sounds like whining but it isn’t.  We are very lucky that this was all the damage that there was.  The owners have gone back to Canada now.  The horses have left.  And in a few more weeks it will not be soooo hot any more and I can start work on the expansion of my garden.  Destructive storms open new vistas.  And new planting areas.   How exciting.


Since this was written in mid-August, work on our roof has finished and the scaffolding is gone.  The TV guy came and put up the antenna and dish again.  One internet guy came and put up the connection that Ben uses.  The one that I use and share with the woman downstairs has not been fixed yet.  But otherwise we are almost back to pre-storm.  Again, we were very lucky that the damage was not worse. 



  1. What a strange summer it has been, thank goodness the damage was not worse.

  2. Nice to hear from you Linda. Yes it has been strange here. More rain than normal. Usually there is a long stretch without rain, 60 to 80 days. But not this year. Sorry I am not closer to you. You have some great things for sale that I would have snapped at.

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