Dinner in Siena with Jeanne

On the Italian side of my family, while there were many boy cousins, there were only 4 of us girls.  My family lived several states away and we would only visit in the summer and not every summer.  The oldest girl cousin was significantly older than me so I don’t even remember her. (She has since died)   Then there was Jeanne, about 6 years older than me.  And that was it until I was 16 and Bonnie was born.  So most of my summers when I was growing up and we went to visit I only remember Jeanne and her tribe of brothers, Louie, Tony and Timmy.  What I remember is their main entertainment was to have me say words and then fall out laughing at my accent.   And they had a pool.  And a nice air conditioned house. 


The process for becoming an Italian citizen hinges on if and when your Italian relative became a citizen of another country.  My grandfather was still only an Italian citizen when my father was born.  A year or two after that he became an American citizen and Jeanne’s father was born.  So my brother and I could become Italian citizens but Jeanne and her tribe could not.   Which is really unfortunate, because of any of us, she would be the more model Italian citizen.  She has studied the language.  Traveled most of the country.  Cooks more Italian food than I do.  She would totally fit in better and love it here.   Fortunately, her companion John has Italian citizenship so if indeed one day she wants to spend more than a vacation here she will be able to. 


Anyway, at the start of Jeanne and John’s vacation, they were staying in Siena.  At a very nice hotel just outside the city gate. 



struzzo july 2013 025


View from the terrace.  This was their first day here and I knew they would be tired and it would be hard for us to walk somewhere so I packed us a picnic dinner.


struzzo july 2013 020


On our side of the valley it had been raining all afternoon, but it was clear and dry in Siena.


struzzo july 2013 021


cousin Jeanne



struzzo july 2013 023





struzzo july 2013 022


My Ben



We had a wonderful visit that evening .   And on their way back down towards Rome, Jeannie and John braved our storm damage and spent one night with us again.    Both visits were  very special.  I am glad that they included us in their trip.  


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