Sagra time

We are not going to as many this year.  They are more fun to go to as a group and I don’t seem to be able to organize a group.  Plus we need to save money for the upcoming gigantic, expensive  trip back to the US in the fall.  And I have gotten behind in writing posts.  So I am going to combine a few.

Struzzo (Ostrich)

struzzo july 2013 043


struzzo july 2013 048


I had pizza


struzzo july 2013 047


The staff got shirts this year.


Cocomero  watermelon


storm, jeannie visit 001


storm, jeannie visit 002


We went to this one because we were really late coming back from somewhere and we live very close to Alberoro, so it is practically a neighborhood one.  We split a pizza and a steak.




storm, jeannie visit 011



storm, jeannie visit 015


We go to this one because it happens very near my mother’s birthday and she just loved lobster.  So we go to this one to honor her.  We split a fritto mistto and then had half a lobster each. 


And then the storm happened and we have not done much since.  


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