It’s hard to be a wine glass

in this house.  I have broken more glasses in less than 12 months here than I broke in all five years at out first house.   One reason might be the unforgiving stone sink that this one is resting on.




struzzo july 2013 039


This glass was the only thing in the sink when I got irritated with a pair of tongs that I was trying to use and flung the tongs towards the sink, Anthony Bourdain stlye, clipping the wine glass.   A week earlier Ben had knocked a glass over that was sitting on the other side of the stone sink and it died too.    So we were down to 2 wine glasses and 4 flutes. 


storm, jeannie visit 004


We had to make a trip to IKEA for something else and these nice plastic ones caught my eye.  I guess now that I can see life through rose colored glasses things will be looking up.


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