What happened to the bouquets?

I was thinking that too.  In past summers, every week,  with the help of Elizabetta, the cat, I have cut flowers, arranged them and then took them to our nearby restaurant.  Since we moved last September,  we are a 20 minute drive from the restaurant.  And it is not on the way to anything else, except where we used to live so I have no outlet for my flowers.  I just have not been cutting them.  (Yes, I know I could cut them and put them in my own house but since most everything that blooms bothers my nose, they are just best left outside.)


So here are two that I did cut.  This first one was for our dinner with my cousin, Jeanne and her companion, John in Siena.  (see another post)



struzzo july 2013 011


struzzo july 2013 013



struzzo july 2013 015



And this one was for the restaurant.  We were going up to check on Elizabetta while John and Richard were off somewhere so I figured that I would surprise Paolo with some flowers.


struzzo july 2013 052


struzzo july 2013 053


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