Sagra and Festa posters and one other

School has started.  Sagras and festas are winding down. 


sept 2013 056


This is our neighborhood one.  I could walk to it.  And we listened to it very night.  And we went. (see another post) 




sept 2013 057


This one covers the biggies, grapes, wine, oil


sept 2013 062


This is our friends, Tania and Keith’s neighborhood.  We thought about going for Sunday lunch but spent so much the night before at duck that we didn’t go.


sept 2013 064


Here is a close up of the menu if you are interested.


sept 2013 067


And here is the poster about the road works that Monte San Savino is doing in front of our house.  The white truck in the picture is parked in the drive on to the property.  The poster says the work started in June and will be finished by January.  We’ll see.


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