Shhhh, don’t tell Costantino where I am…

Guest Post:  Sono Girasole



sept 2013 021


I am hiding in plain sight.


sept 2013 023


I heard him just the other day, muttering about needing to come over here and cut all ‘these weeds’ down.  Huh?  They are my friends, the little blue flowers that only open in the morning and Queen Anne’s Lace.    I mean, look at that!  How more bucolic can you be?




sept 2013 014


So, I just kind of hang out here and try to look like a cedar tree.


sept 2013 015


But that’s hard!  I’m so pretty!


sept 2013 026



sept 2013 034


The bees just love me. 


sept 2013 035


But they could be a little neater!



sept 2013 033


Until next summer!


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  1. philippinewanderer

    That was cute…

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